Westgate and Vine*

The Challenge

What we did
Web Design
SEO with Long and Short Tail Keywords
Paid Search, Display & Re-targeting 
Google Shopping Ads
Conversion Optimization

Our client in the construction industry was well-known for the creation of world class storefronts and restaurants. They had made the decision to expand as a home improvement supplier with a focus on natural materials, high-quality craftsmanship and timeless furnishings. Our team was tapped to increase their brand awareness and to create an integrated marketing campaign.

#1               5.5X               $50K            2000%

     Ranks above eBay.com           Return on Ad Spend                     Monthly Revenue                  Increase in Conversions

Our Solution

Web Design
Our web team reviewed and redesigned our client’s website creating an engaging web experience. The new home page and landing pages were created to demonstrate the benefits of our client’s products. The redesign also improved conversions and the transaction experience for our client’s customer base. Since implementation our client’s website has had an increase in traffic of 113%. 

SEO with Long and Short Tail Keywords
With a combination of targeting Short-tail and Long-tail keywords to increase traffic on search engine results, our client ranked above eBay in their niche and dominates in organic search. 

Paid Search, Display & Re-targeting and Google Shopping Ads
Our team got to work with paid search advertising to place text ads above and to the right of the organic listings on Google. We ensured display advertising appeared next to content on news sites, blogs and construction niche websites throughout the internet where consumers were actively engaging with like minded content. We focused our efforts on re-targeting campaigns to increase our client’s cost per acquisition and increase their conversion rate. Lastly, we implemented Smart Shopping campaigns (Google Shopping Ads) to improve revenues.

The implementation of all four tactics created a higher response rate and ROI as our client scaled to $50,000 a month and dominated in paid search.

Conversion Optimization
Conversion Optimization was used to produce more traffic to the client’s website. It also was used to increase the percentage of web visitors interested in their services to take a specific desired action, such as filling out an email form, downloading a coupon code, filling a shopping cart, etc. After our team took over optimization, our client’s conversions increased by 2000%+. 

*Client requested for company name to be omitted from Case Study.
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