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The Challenge

What we did
Lead Nurturing and Management
Advanced Local & National SEO
PPC- Google and Facebook Ads
Digital PR

This B2C e-commerce company was created after its founders wanted to figure out a better way to feed their kids and family with convenient, nutritious and tasty food. As a children’s food subscription service, the company was entering a new business category, however, their work had already gained attention regionally. We stepped in to expand their reach and conversions nationally.

      #1                         1400%+                    50%+

                 Nationally on Organic Search                       Increase in Total Visits                            Contact to Customer Ratio

Our Solution

Lead Nurturing and Management
Lead Nurturing and Management is key within any industry due to customers coming in to the sales process constantly. We systematically developed relationships with potential buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and nurtured them with value-based information to ensure that customers stay interested in our client’s products or services. 

Advanced Local and National SEO
Our experts developed a custom strategy tailored to our client’s unique business category.  A national presence takes time, but our team was ready to take on the job. We improved Local SEO and implemented the brand’s National SEO campaign by building quality link partnerships, identifying and strengthening associated keywords, and optimizing their website. We achieved first page rankings for the majority of our client’s core keywords and dominated nationally on organic search.

PPC- Google and Facebook Ads
With the founders’ ideal customer and number of subscriptions desired per month in mind, we got to work with a Google Ads campaign with keyword research and website review to ensure that clients would be able to find the business through Google. Next, we focused on making sure conversion tracking was in place and tracked properly so we could see a funnel of traffic going to the website and customers coming out. Once everything was set up and approved by the client, the ads went live.

The second phase introduced Facebook Ads. One of our campaigns focused on showing leads a 25% off offer to a broad audience of males and females in the United States who are parents of young children. We created a Custom Audience of those who downloaded the code, as well as the creation of lookalike audiences, past customers and website visitors.

Automatic Placements allowed the business to make the most of its ad spend budget by showing the offers throughout Facebook in places where customers were likely to convert such as Facebook Newsfeeds, Instagram feeds, Audience Network and Messenger. 

Implementation of our campaigns lead to an increase of 1400% in Total Visits and 50%+ Contact to Customer Ratio.  

Digital PR
Our client has been featured in major publications including goop and Vogue.

*Client requested for company name to be omitted from Case Study.

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