Luxe Pet NYC*

The Challenge

What we did
Google Search Ads
Google Re-targeting
Google Shopping Ads
Web Redesign
This B2C e-commerce company was born from its founders’ love of adorning their pets the same way they adorned themselves- with high-quality, luxury apparel and accessories. However, the company had multiple challenges as a 100% online brand including improving their conversions, a lack of a customer acquisition strategy, customer loyalty, how to maximize repeat sales and poor website usability.

$0.44                      4-8%                          8X

                      Average Cost Per Click                                  Conversion Rate                                       Return on Ad Spend

Our Solution


Our strategy team came together after review of our client’s historical data and competitive landscape to create two strategic playbooks. We created the ideal customer profile to help retain and acquire our client's target audience and an omni-channel retail strategy to increase brand awareness and sales. 

Google Search Ads, Shopping and Re-targeting
Our SEM experts established top performer ad groups and scaled revenue while maintaining an impressive return on ad spend. With tried and true bidding strategies, including Smart Shopping campaigns (Google Shopping Ads) to improve revenues, our client received a total return of 8X on ad spend and an average cost per click of $0.44.

Web Redesign
Our Web team redesigned and optimized our client’s Shopify store to ensure better navigation, improved conversions and transactions, visual layout of products and site speed.

*Client requested for company name to be omitted from Case Study.

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